With the development of digital technology and machinery, bookmaking has become unthinkably easy compared to the past. The genre of artists' books, primarily made by young artists, is spreading globally. This project focuses on artists who are taking the book, a conventionally public medium, and turning into a private one.

Today, the book form is an important communication medium for artists and it is possible for artists to produce multiple books of interest in small editions. This shift signifies the possible transformation of bookmaking from the realm of publicity, which privileged circulation figures to a private medium that emphasizes personal expression.

This program began with the Reading exhibition, which was held annually at Pepper's Gallery in November. The exhibition then evolved into an internationally traveling project designed to introduce artists’ books by Japanese artists to the world. The resulting YOUNG ARTISTS’ BOOKS FAIR was held at Books Kinokuniya in Takashimaya Times Square Shinjuku in January and at Kinokuniya Bookstore and three other bookstores, specializing in art and artists' books, in trendy neighborhoods in New York in March.