Japanese Emerging Artists' Exhibition in NY

From 1998, PEPPER'S PROJECT began presenting Japanese emerging artists of new generation through various shows and exhibitions of different themes called "PEPPER'S PROJECT EXHIBITION" at Pepper's Gallery.
In 2006, PEPPER'S PROJECT started promoting for overseas market in key cities around the world, developing extension programs and output programs of exhibitions, including the promotion of the artists.
"Japanese Emerging Artists' Exhibition in NY" brings together the artists participated in PEPPER'S PROJECT EXHIBITION and directly promotes in the art scene created in NY.
March is the art-fair season in NY. In Williamsburg Brooklyn, where emerging artists and art galleries gather, a great number of exhibitions are held at cafes and galleries throughout the city.
PEPPER'S PROJECT proudly introduces Pepper's artists to NY every year with different theme and perspective, making Japanese Emerging Artists' Exhibition an annual event.