Printed Matter, Inc. presents

September 22-24,2017
Preview: Thursday, September 21, 6-9pm

Participation Artists from PEPPER'S PROJECT
Haruka Hiramatsui, Park Nahyuni, Shizuka Ide, Azusa Hayashi Komori, ayaka nakamura,Haruna Yasui, Yoshiyuki Maeda, Shintogh, haru kainuma, Qu Yi, Aya Koizumi, Yoko Haraokai, Kiriko Shirobayashi, Yuki Neo, Akiha Yamakami, Sonomi Kobayashi, Yuko K.



Haruka Hiramatsu

Native of Tokyo. Active in a variety of fields, focusing on the
production of illustrations, art and animation. Graduated from
the Department of Design, Faculty of the Arts, Joshibi
University of Art and Design. Her series of works, based on a
mechanical world view, feature her fine depiction of "parts"
integrating with other "parts", have tickled the hearts of
women. They have gained popularity in the book fairs and
events overseas as well. 
Park Nahyun

"Virtual" means, existing in the mind, especially as a product
of the imagination, not only things computers created. My
works represent icons that we usually create in SNS or
posted images with hashtag, and the masks has visualized
"inner side" hidden behind the face of real world.  "Virtual
Identity", Self-expression of the people in the virtual space,
is something between virtual and reality, which boundary
lines has been destroyed. Since 2014, using own old clothes
I've been wearing, I am in the process of transforming into a
new identity through the wearing of cloths and accessories.
1983.2. Born in Seoul, Korea
2016. "CLUSTER" (space 8×8, Ibaraki, Japan)
2013. "UMARERU : Mega-pet & I" (Pepper’s Gallery, Tokyo,
2012. "Where The Wild Thing is" (space 8×8, Ibaraki, Japan)
2010. "Mega-pet and Their world" (Gallery La Mer, Seoul,
Shizuka Ide

Born in Shizuoka.
Living in Tokyo.
Graduated from the Musashino Art University.
Azusa Hayashi Komori

is a photographer and an artist, based in Tokyo, Japan.
She has graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design.
She is using every representations by photography and
pursuing original visions of herself.

Exhibitions and Works
2011 「MEMORIES」(solo exhibition / Pepper's Gallery /
(New York Kinokuniya Book Stores, Printed Matter etc.
/ New York)
2012-2015「The NY Art Book Fair」(MoMA PS1/ New York)
2014 Google+ page「Nikon Photomentary」(produced by
Nikon) photographer of January
2015 「TOKYO art crossing BERLIN」(neurotitan gallery,
Motto Berlin / Berlin)
    「DJ OKAWARI Official Website」promotional
ayaka nakamura

Animation / Movie / Woodcut
Ayaka Nakamura uses mostly hand-drawn images to create
woodblocks, animation, music videos, picture books and
Her delicate yet strong visuals have earned her a strong
reputation both at home and abroad.

2009-2013 attended Musashino Art University, Tokyo JP
(BA Fine Art, Printmaking).

Currently Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.
Haruna Yasui

Was born in Kesennuma-city, Miyagi, Japan in 1987.

Now, independently producing new art-works in copper
engraving and printing, and
black-and-white pen drawing.

In Yasui's work, there is mixture of the landscape of the
reality and
imagination, which is like a glimpse of never-ending tale.
In this tale drawn in black
and white induces people to her unique nostalgic world.

Especially, the view-point of each persona in stories is
dramatically impressive.
Yoshiyuki Maeda

Yoshiyuki Maeda was born in Japan, 1991.
He graduated from Tama Art University department of
Graphic Design in 2013.
After graduating, he produced  "Hakoshka" is a charming
creature such
as a cat, such as a box.
Currently, he is active mainly in picture books and

Our pop-up book artist activity as SHINTOGHI began in
middle of 2014.
Our web site is here.http://shintoghi.com
haru kainuma

Tree nuts Berry Polar Bear silver flower silver
number butterfly bird Ornament gold 450
wolf tie seal card  humidity kirakira mark
date pattern tile fur blue photo expression
Old raspberry 
a little scared and a little cute.
Qu Yi

This album presents the  theme‘nonsense’ in the form of
copper engravings. It returns to the original form of
nonsense comics by omitting the complexity of the
four-character cartoons and showing the interesting
and marvelousness of everyday nonsense.
This album presents the life-centered reality and
unrealistic nonsense theme by using comprehensive
materials. The painter combines the surrealism in the
nonsense with her own experience and integrates the
nonsense into her own style by starting from the shallow
meaning of the nonsense.
Aya Koizumi

I am making works using embroidery threads 
As if drawing a picture as part of expression
connecting dots
1996  Born in Saitama
2014- Musashino Art University  
           Department of Craft and Industrial Design
Department of Textile Major
Instagram    a.koizu
Yoko Haraoka

Yoko Haraoka was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She
moved to the U.S in 2005 and attended New England
School of Photography in Boston to pursue a career in
photography. After experiencing a variety of photography
fields, she has been mostly concentrating on self-portrait
projects with an emphasis on humor. 
Exploring this direction has led to numerous exciting
and dynamic series
that showcase her playful and artistic outlook on life.
Her works have been shown in such places as New York,
Vermont, Tokyo, and Budapest. She currently lives in
New York City.
Kiriko Shirobayashi

My works contain complex meanings not only by their direct
transmissions but also their reminiscences. The corners of
our minds, which conceal what we carry underneath our
consciousness and unconsciousness, are of supreme 
interest to me. My work is not necessarily intended to
direct anyone in any direction, but more to illuminate
aspects of our existence and encourage the viewer to
develop their own concept. It is by this method, I believe,
that art cultivates understanding and exhibits its own
inherent value.
After graduating from Osaka University of Arts, I moved
to the United States going on to graduate from the School
of Visual Arts with a MFA in Photography and Related Media.
I have been exhibiting my work, including the Allentown Art
Museum, the Center for Photography at Woodstock, the
Houston Center for Photography, Delaware Center for the
Contemporary Arts, Onoma Center, Finland, the 5th Pingyao
International Festival and the National Museum of Belarus.
I have received awards from GEN ART, LMCC and Photography
21 and have completed residencies at theMacDowell Colony, 
Headlands Center for the Arts, and Santa Fe Art Institute.
Yuki Neo

Yuki Neo is a photographer who was born in Takamatsu, 
Japan, and is currently based in New York.  She studied 
photography at the International Center of Photography
in New York City.  Many of her photographs focus on
streets and the nature in her everyday, and her life
theme to live every moment wholeheartedly is
underlying throughout her work.  She holds a M.S. in
Advertising from Northwestern University, and
formerly worked in advertising.
Akiha Yamakami

Akiha Yamakami was born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan in
1984. She studied at 2009 MA in Printmaking, Lithography
major at the graduate school of Tama Art University,Tokyo.
She lives and works in New York City from 2012. She
creates soft sculpture works with print and cloths upon the
theme of human body. She actively presents her work bot
 in Japan and in overseas. Started to collaborate with dance
projects a few years ago. She makes costumes for dancers
as well.
Sonomi Kobayashi
Born and raised in Japan, Sonomi Kobayashi, is a New York
based painter and printmaker who is interested in science,
physics, stars, nature, and spirituality.
Her work is symbolic and abstract.  Her recent oil paintings
are based on images that she saw during her meditation. 
She also paints symbolic shapes that she finds attractiv
 in nature. Her ink drawings and printmaking works are
organic and abstract.  She likes to mix traditional and
contemporary techniques and experiment with materials,
color, and shapes.
Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Japan,
and Europe, including Williamsburg Art & Historical
Center (NYC), Lesley Heller Workspace (NYC), Galerie ARTAe,
(Leipzig Germany), Galerie La (Ginza, Tokyo, Japan),and will
be shown at The National Art Center Museum (Tokyo) in
2018. She received Will Barnet Grant in Printmaking in 2013,
and got accepted a residency at MASS MoCA in 2017.  She
also earned scholarships and has done residencies at
Vermont Studio Center(VT), Vytlacil Campus, (NY), and 
Cat'Art Contemporary Art Centre (France). She received
studio certificate in painting from The Art Students League of
New York, and also studied sculpture and printmaking there.

Yuko K.

I believe the existence of any artist’s sense of view must be
reflected by the memories of their experiences. 
To me, the method of taking photographs and videos
symbolize the importance of time. 
Suspending the equal value for both passing time and
present time, gives me a diverse creator’s awareness and
ability to recall memories of past experiences I had almost
lost in the transforming, changing figure.  
After I graduated art university in Japan, I began working as
a freelance illustrator and painting instructor along with my
fine art painting and later moved to New York City. Currently
I am living in NYC and work with various materials in painting,
printmaking, illustration, mixed media, photographs and
videos for the methodology of contemporary art.