JART8THJapanese Emerging Artists Exhibition


11th Annual Emerging Japanese Artists' Exhibition
March 2nd-11th 2018
Thursday to Monday 12–6pm WAH Center(Williamsburg Art & Historical Center )

Opening Reception :
March 2nd, Friday 6:00~8:00pm

JART8TH is an art exhibition introducing new waves of art of young Japanese artists from Tokyo, collaborating with NY artists. The program consists of all genre of art: painting, wood-block printing, photography, object, contemporary craft making, installation, screening, performance, so on and so forth. You can see the artworks of over 20 young Japanese artists.

NY / Sonomi Kobayashi, Yusuke Ochiai, ABEYUKA.、Jonathan Yukio Clark, Kiichiro Adachi, Kumi Kishida,ON megumi Akiyoshi, kirika Shirobayashi   TOKYO/ Chiharu Hamada , Azusa Kubo, Yu Isogawa, Chihiro YAMAZAKI , Emi Moriyama, Kotaro Otsuka, Hiromi Sugisakim, Kotaro Takahashi, Risa Kuroda, Nanae Yamanaka, Lytz, Yuka Naoe, Ai Yoshida

Direction / Hiro Shoraishi  PEPPER’S PROJECT
Support/ Yuko Nii WAH Center


WAH Center

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (WAH Center)

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, also known as WAT Center, is an NGO established in 1996. The venue was first built in 1867 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and has gone through renovations. The venue is open to vicinities, domestic and international organizations for exhibitions, conferences, educational and cultural events and conventions.

In late October 1996, Yuko Nii founded the not-for-profit WAH Center (Williamsburg Art & Historical Center) based upon her Bridge Concept. That concept envisions a multifaceted, multicultural art center whose mission is to coalesce the diverse artistic community, and create a bridge between local, national and international artists, emerging and established artists, and artists of all disciplines. Thus, through the iInternational language of art we come to understand each other to create a more peaceful and integrated world. The WAH Center is a force for peace and understanding and its concept is incorporated in its acronym: “WAH” in Japanese means “peace” or “harmony” or “unity”.

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (WAH Center)
Located at the corner of Bedford:
135 Broadway,Brooklyn,NY11211
(718) 486-7372  or  (718) 486-6012
Thursday to Monday 1–6pm


2F Gallery A



Azusa Kubo
(Tokyo)  paper cutting work

Washi paper has existed since antiquity. This graphic work explores new
possibilities for traditionally made watermarked washi.
I learnt how to make washi from a craftsman in a small town in Niigata
from the hot summer to the snowy winter. Being from Tokyo, everything
about the town, where trains are absent and nature abounds, was new
to me. I recorded everything I saw and experienced in that countryside
environment as sketches and graphics. Then, using the craftsman's
workshop and tools, I carefully rendered those designs as watermarked
washi. To emphasize nature, I used mulberry fibers bleached naturally
with snow. This non-chemical bleaching method is unique to the snowy
region. I am a graphic designer, so I made washi with that mindset, not
as a traditional handicraft. By developing the completed washi into a
range of accessories, I sought a new way for people to experience
washi, and to connect people and graphics.

Azusa Kubo was born in Japan in 1990. She studied oil painting at high
school, before pursuing design to postgraduate level at Tokyo University
of The Arts. She has worked as a graphic designer/illustrator at an ad 
agency since she was at graduate school.
In 2013, she was given the award for excellence at the 10th AC Japan 
Student Ad Awards, and in 2017, she received the Tokyo Taito ward
mayor's Special Recognition Prize. She recently held an exhibition at a 
Tokyo branch of Uniqlo in 2017.
Emi Moriyama 

Tightly  condense the large Exhibition space into one box, I want to keep
space as it is in this hand..    With that kind of feeling, I gathered materials
that I fell in love at first sight at the coast of Fukui and the university, and
I make love each time I meet materials every day.

Born from Fukui Prefecture
2015 Osaka University of the Arts  
            Junior College 
2017 Osaka University of the Arts 

AHAF  2016  (2016. Seoul)
SICF 18   (2017. Tokyo)
Yu Isogawa 

I need things, phenomena, backgrounds and so on
Connect actions together. I wait for a newly formed relationship with the works.

From Tokyo
2014,  I entered Tama Art University.
2015. TransRation(Group show)  Opening performance
          Five Art College Exchange exhibition
2016. Performance YUKA (Performance show)
          I put a pillow in ice and sleep (Performance show)
          A mountain on the window (Performance show)
2017. Tokyo Wonder Seeds 2017  chosen
(Tokyo) photograph

India has been colonized by the British Empire for about 200 years and has
been afflicted by the negative heritage even now 70 years have passed after
independence. When I asked Indian friends "Whether do you hate the British
or not", they said "We gave them a lot of things, and they also gave us a lot". 
Perhaps, I thought they were talking about infrastructure including railroads, 
economic growth due to the spread of English, and cricket. I made no mention
of the fact that the railroad was made just for the British by Indian’s money 
and labor, and that English is one factor that expands the disparity of wealth.
Because I felt beautiful when I saw them appearance to play cricket. This work 
is taken pictures of Indian people who play cricket on the ground that was 
drawn flag of the Indian Empire by me. By capturing a scene that their 
tragedies fall into oblivion by themselves, I express the irony and hope of 

Born in Japan in 1990
Ph.D. in Arts, Tokyo University Of The Arts, Tokyo/Japan
I present contemporary artwork with the theme of "invisible dominate".
Chiharu Hamada
(Tokyo) paintiing

The theme of this work is painting and viewer. I think that a painting and a 
surrounding space cannot be divided fromeach other in exhibition area.  
The area on which a painting has an effect includes viewers.  
If an art work contains the “area affected by a painting,” what will happen 
when one draws a borderline between a work and the other things?  
Who draws the line? What is the need for the borderline?  
Where are beholders in fact? Inside a painting or outside? 
What meaning do they grasp from an art work?

1994 Born in  Kagoshima, Japan.
2017:BA from the Department of Japanese Painting, Musashino Art University.
2017: Award of Distinguished Degree Work, Musashino Art University.
2017: Scholarship from the Sato International Cultural Scholarship Foundation.
2017- pres. : MA student of the Japanese Painting Course, the Graduate 
School of Art and Design, Musashino Art University.
Kotaro Otsuka
(Tokyo) paintiing

A thing and information overflow.
They continue being used, and, in the present, I see only a cast-off shell in 
every scene.
What is "existence" of the cast-off shell? And at the same time I of feeling 
of "absence" feel.
I want to show a new "sense of the existence" using "existence" and "a 
feeling of absence".

1994    Born in Osaka, Japan
2017    Department of Fine Arts at Osaka
                University of Arts (Graduation)
2016    AHAF 2016 (ASIA HOTEL ART FAIR SEOUL) guest (Seoul)
2017   ASYAAF 2017  
(Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival) guest (Seoul)

2016    BIWAKO Exhibition, Selected (Shiga)
2016    62nd All KANSAI Exhibition, Selected (Osaka)
              ART GATE PROGRAM [Charity Auction] Selected & Sold (Tokyo)
2017    Osaka University of Arts Graduation Exhibition, NABEI Award (Osaka)
              ART GATE PROGRAM [Charity Auction] Selected & Sold (Tokyo)
Hiromi Sugisaki
(Tokyo) printmaking

To my pitiful and beloved.
There is a proverb "Rust from the body".
I spent the same time and after a lot of shilly‐shallying,
the work which became this figure seemed as if I was watching me.

1993 Born and raised in Kanagawa.
2015 Studied abroad at École National Supérieure D’art de Paris-Cergy.
2017 Graduated from JOSHIBI University of Art and Design, Field of Visual 
Yusuke Ochiai
(NY)  installation

All of my paintings represent my emotions and experiences at that particular 
moment of my life – whether stemming from reality or my own imagined 
dreamscapes. My current path/character/interest/infatuation/ is Poi. Poi is 
Path Of Imagination. That’s exactly how I found him, through my own 
imagination – but now Poi manifests himself in countless forms, on paper, in 
concrete, and with paint immersing himself in the colors I absorb.

Yusuke Ochiai was born in Tokyo in 1977 and became entranced with the 
vibrant colors of his surrounding Japanese landscape at five years old, mixing 
and matching materials ever since. Today, he lives and works in Bushwick, 
Brooklyn and has been participating in Bushwick Open Studios in Brooklyn
since 2012 and continues to display his interest in color through his work as 
a New York City street artist.
(NY) painting

ABEYUKA. is an oil painter/contemporary artist/Performer. She was born in 1986 
in Tokyo, Japan. She studied at Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan, (formerly, 
Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music), where she received her B.F.A. 
in 2009, her M.F.A. in 2011.She incorporates her philosophy about human beings 
and lives into her art as well as her own life.Currently based in New York City.
Sonomi Kobayashi
(NY)  printmaking

Born and raised in Japan, Sonomi Kobayashi, is a New York based painter and
printmaker who is interested in science, physics, stars, nature, and spirituality.

Her work is symbolic and abstract.  Her recent oil paintings are based on 
images that she saw during her meditation.  She also paints symbolic shapes 
that she finds attractive in nature. Her ink drawings and printmaking works 
are organic and abstract.  She likes to mix traditional and contemporary 
techniques and experiment with materials, color, and shapes.

Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Japan, and Europe, 
including Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (NYC), Lesley Heller Workspace
 (NYC), Galerie ARTAe, (Leipzig Germany), Galerie La (Ginza, Tokyo, Japan), 
and will be shown at The National Art Center Museum (Tokyo) in 2018.  She 
received Will Barnet Grant in Printmaking in 2013, and got accepted a 
residency at MASS MoCA in 2017.  She also earned scholarships and has 
done residencies at Vermont Studio Center(VT), Vytlacil Campus, (NY), and 
Cat'Art Contemporary Art Centre (France).  She received studio certificate 
in painting from The Art Students League of New York, and also studied 
sculpture and printmaking there.
Kiichiro Adachi
(NY) mixed media

I practice to release the meaning from every objects by treating like a toy. 
There are two ways for thing obtain the meaning. First case, something has 
arrived there accidentally or naturally and acquired the meaning. The other 
one is gained the meaning arbitrarily. It plays a social role and is sometimes 
symbolized as a sign. 
I pay attention the latter. Fundamentally these were considered for benefit 
or contribution for society. However we have to remember the shade exist 
behind it. 
Sometimes it make a discord or restraint. As a result our thought and 
physical would be gotten weak. I try to control these human made meanings 
by demolition, substitution, rewriting, added and so on. I express it as 
treating it like a toy. A toy is the a device which take a boredom away from 
children, it looks a cheap trick at g glance. However it would be treated as 
equivalent, regardless of whether it is sublime or humble. Actually many 
ancient toys quoted from religious motifs. I desire to release the acquired 
meaning for particular society and to return it to nature.

Kiichiro Adachi (born 1979, Osaka, Japan) lives and works in New York. 
Adachi’s work has been exhibited in the following exhibitions Meets ART-the 
casket of the forest, Hakone Open-Air Museum, Japan, 2014; Trans-Cool 
TOKYO, Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Singapore Art Museum, 2011; Busan 
Biennale, 2010; No Man’s Land, Embassy of France, Japan, 2009; When 
Lives Become Form, São Paulo Museum of Modern Art, Brazil, 2008; Space
For Your Future, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan, 2007. 
Kumi Kishida
(NY) painting

My work represents my own subjective world, which highlights the energy, 
beauty, and ugliness of life forms in the universe.
All forms of life return back to the earth after death, like leaves that fall to 
the ground from the trees and become the source of new buds. Each 
organism, including myself, carries the legacy of our ancestors as well as 
completes a loop connecting us with future generations. By depicting these 
natures of life forms through my personal lens, I am exploring how I myself 
am one of many organisms living in the universe.
I draw inspiration primarily from actual observations, and I transform these 
observations into fantasy. My aesthetic stems from the concept that in our 
rapidly changing world, people
forget to focus their minds on a single task. My work offers the viewer an 
opportunity to dialog between my representations and their unconscious 
minds. My aim is that the integration of
figuration and abstraction appeals to a viewer’s sense of humor, and lures 
them to meditate upon what human beings should be.

Kumi Kishida was born in Japan on September of 1990 and currently lives 
and works in Brooklyn, NY. Kishida received her Bachelor of Policy Studies 
from Kansai University in Japan in 2013. In the spring of 2013, she moved 
to New York and earned her BFA from Brooklyn College in 2017.
Jonathan Yukio Clark
(NY) sculpture

The studio is a venture for me to investigate how the experiential defines spatial 
and emotional perception. I feel that my works are an attempt to navigate not 
only physical space, but also my own understandings of cultural location, 
genealogy, divides between the outdoor elements and the constructs of the 
domestic interior. A cross-section of my studio might reveal dyed silk, pine chips 
scattered from carvings, planar sculptures born from folded paper and realized
in hardwood, sketchy drawings of layered vistas. Each vein of work manifests in 
distinct forms, but they iterate different paces of the same breath.

Jonathan Yukio Clark is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. 
Born and raised on the island of Maui, Hawaii, he traces much of his work from 
his relationship to place and his understanding of heritage as a descendant of 
Japanese immigrants. He has spent much time in Japan, including living in 
Kyoto for one year to study printmaking at Kyoto Seika University, and he 
recently completed his M.F.A. in Studio Art at New York University.
ON megumi Akiyoshi
(NY) performance

To find a balance of both elements, I’ve been continuously experimenting.  
One is to invite viewers, and the other is pursuing a moment of magical beauty.  
Therefore, most of my projects become participatory-interactive performance, 
sculpture, paintings, and installations.  Flowers that frequently appear are 
representing perpertuity with its friendliness.

ON gallery
Started out as a moving gallery right after when I saw a lady in the New York 
subway selling toys. I felt "I want to do such a thing in a way I can".  ON gallery 
appears various sites as an organic white cube.

1997 BFA Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo
2002 MFA School of VISUAL Arts, New York
Currently she lives and works in New York.  She has exhibited/performed/given 
artist talks in museums and international exhibitions at: Brooklyn Museum (NY), 
Incheon Biennale (Korea), Japan Society (NY), Atlanta Art Center (US), 
Singapore Museum, MOCA Shanghai, Burgos Art Center (Spain), Tokyo University 
of the Arts Museum, MOCA Taipei, Kunsthaus Dresden (Germany), etc.  
Her works were reviewed/introduced in: New York Times, ABC (Spain), 
Schaffhauser (Switzerland), El Mundo (Spain), Art Asia Pacific (NY), Sports & 
Street (Italy), Korea Times, Brooklyn Independnt TV, and art history books 
published by New York University and Yale University.

2F Gallery B


Yusuke Ochiai [DOT to DOT] 3 minutes 30 second / experiment video
kiriko Shirobayashi [Surg] 3mins / experiment video
Ai Yoshida [LULLABY] 1minutes 44 second / 3DCG animation
Kotaro Takahashi [TERU TERU] 2 minutes / animation
Risa Kuroda [Slug] 7 minutes 15 second / animation
Nanae Yamanaka [false dream] / animation
Lytz [MOVE ON] 4 minutes / animation
Yuka Naoe [Our memories] 1minutes 54 second / animation



Yusuke Ochiai 
(NY) experiment video

[DOT to DOT drawing on Manhattan and Brooklyn] 3 minutes 30 second
『Poi hopes for your happiness and will always be there for you.』

There are many Jizou in Japan. Jizou are small stone statues that act as ancient 
guardian deities of towns in Japan. People greet, talk to and pray to them and 
I myself always greet them when I come across them. 
In the back of my mind, I always felt that the Jizou could help me to deal with 
things such as matters of the heart and soul. I wanted desperately to embody 
something that I believe in and out of this came Poi. Because I now live in NY, 
I can no longer greet Jizou, so I decided to create my own - hence how the 
character Poi came to be in NYC. Poi hopes for your happiness and will 
always be there for you.

Yusuke Ochiai was born in Tokyo in 1977 and became entranced with the 
vibrant colors of his surrounding Japanese landscape at five years old, mixing 
and matching materials ever since. Today, he lives and works in Bushwick, 
Brooklyn and has been participating in Bushwick Open Studios in Brooklyn since 
2012 and continues to display his interest in color through his work as a New 
York City street artist.
kiriko Shirobayashi  
(NY) experiment video

[Surg] 3mins

I had been capturing images that passed before me, assuming I had endless 
time to revisit them.
However, I realized nothing is forever, even the images themselves. 
Recently, because time is precious, I have started to shoot without 
This simple work took me back to the time when I had just started 
photography. A time when I was shooting without pretense, and 

After graduating from Osaka University of Arts, I moved to the United 
States and went on to graduate from the School of Visual Arts with a MFA 
in Photography and Related Media. I have been showing my video works at 
centers around the US, including: Chashama Theater Times Square, Paula 
Cooper Gallery, Zoellner Arts Center, Delaware Center for the Contemporary 
Arts and Allentown Art Museum
Ai Yoshida 
3DCG animation

[LULLABY]  1minutes 44 second

The theme of the 3DCG animation is loneliness.
It is the story of mother and child who do not talk at the restaurant.
I would like you to think what you made a person lonely.
I wanted to make that opportunity and produced this work.

I am a university student.
My school is Musashino Art University.I major in 3DCG.
I love reading books and I like watching movies.
Kotaro Takahashi 
(Tokyo) animation

[TERU TERU] 2 minutes
It is a short story about Teru teru bozu.
Teru teru bozu is a doll made of white paper, it will bring good weather for the 
next day.
[CARDS TIME] 2 minutes
It is the animation about cards.

Born in Niigata, Japan in 1980.
Studied movies in many schools, and now he works as an animator.
YouTube channel → 65ailes
Risa Kuroda 
(Tokyo) animation

[Slug] 7 minutes 15 second
The main character of this story is going into himself. He really hates himself, 
wants to disappear from the world and feels like he is the poorest person in 
the world. He is mentally very weak and just looks like an artist who made 
this animation. The artist came up with the idea for this animation from an 
comic “Slug” that is made by her. The animation was made under the theme 
of self-disgust that she would feel in her life and an ambivalence about it.

Born in Japan 1994.Graduated Tama Art University department in Graphic 
Design in 2017.Studied in Animation class.
Many of artworks deals with self-hated and anguish of heart. It’s comes 
from trauma of can’t loves own and don’t loved to own neighbours.
Now working as Graphic Designer for job in Tokyo and  making many designs 
by own illustration. In addition, making illustration and comics in personal life.
Nanae Yamanaka 
(Tokyo) animation

[false dream]
I expressed my colorful and dark world with my picture.
I like to draw colorful pictures.

After graduating from Joshibi art university in March 2017, I am producing 
illustrations and images at a video production company.

 (Tokyo) animation

[MOVE ON] 4 minutes
This is a one of my Exposure therapy.

Lytz is a japanese artist. She leaned graphic design at the art
university, Tokyo.

Yuka Naoe
(Tokyo) animation

[Our memories] 1minutes 54 second
Our "memory" is ambiguous. I can not forget, remember, like "afterimage".
Information received from the vision remains in me and remains in an 
ambiguous state.
I thought about such "memory" and "visual" and expressed it with handwritten 

Graphic and web designer

2F-3F Rest Room



Yu Isogawa 
(Tokyo) installation

I need things, phenomena, backgrounds and so on
Connect actions together. I wait for a newly formed relationship with the works.

From Tokyo
2014,  I entered Tama Art University.
2015. TransRation(Group show)  Opening performance
          Five Art College Exchange exhibition
2016. Performance YUKA (Performance show)
          I put a pillow in ice and sleep (Performance show)
          A mountain on the window (Performance show)
2017. Tokyo Wonder Seeds 2017  chosen