11:00~19:00(last day~16:00)

during the exhibition is seven days a week.


Selection of materials is the beginnig. Making work happens through learning the technique of them, nor are materials chosen to actualize the themes and messages of artists. They are MATERIAL ART,which have started with love to materials. These work are of so flexible intention and sense that we can accept message of love through them. Metal, ceramic, glass, textiles, stone, wood, lacquer, and other, contemporary craft of all materials of the new generation of presentation.

Yumi Iwamoto, Momoko Ikarashi, Chihiro Oto, Megumi Kagami,
Akiko Matsuda, Masaru Hirozane, RuriTakahashi, kitaka, Minami Saito,
Ruuna Iwasaki, Ai Sudou, Rina Yasuda, Yukari Seya, Aine Miyoshi,
Ayumi Nakajima, Marie Imanaka,Eriko Unno, Satomi Ito,
Yurika Ishiyama, Sayuri Arakawa, Fuko Kan, suzukizoomae,
Takayuki Miki, Kugo Eguchi, Mafune Gonjo, Hiroto Utsunomiya,
Kana Sakuma,Kanako Watanabe, Mikari Kaito, Hiro Masuda,
Mako Murata, AYANO, Hana Okuzawa, Misa Hirata,Riko Taniwaki,
Natsuki Katsukawa, Riko Shimizu, Kazuma Shimomura, Shogo Nunoshita, Mao Kurihara, Mitsumi Irahara, Seiko Kajiura

Co-produce : ITOCHU Corporation




CI Plaza B1, 2-3-1 Kita-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061

ITOCHU Corporation, as part of its social contribution activities, opened ITOCHU AOYAMA ART SQUARE in October 2012 in the CI Plaza, a commercial facility adjacent to ITOCHU’s Tokyo headquarters. Through the power of art, we aim to develop future generations, to contribute to the local community, and to promote domestic and international arts and culture.



6/11sat 14:00~
Mafune Gonjo“traveling, changing and art practice”

Introduction of past works and how about what is career continued to work in a foreign country. About Contemporary Craft circumstances of Sweden. Glass artist /Stockholm resident

Kazuma Shimomura”The delight of firing”

Charm and circumstances that led to that of the scarlet by the hole kiln firing. Kyoto City University Graduate School of Ceramics Department.

6/18sat  14:00~
Mitsumi Irahara” Culture of a prayer is told by URUSHI”

I seek the role of Urushi from the excavated goods from ruins and from Urushi of Asia . Urushi artist / Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of urushi major completion.


To produce a frog monster and From birth to it. Tama Art University Crafts Department of pottery Graduated

6/25sat 14:00~
Seiko Kajiura”Metal casting for my art work”

I will talk whether it makes through the technique that works why metal casting, how are I doing to make, also about the difference between Indonesia and casting techniques of Japan. Metal casting artist

Takayuki Miki”Materials and Art and its meaning”

In the course of sending the daily life, or feel the fear unexpectedly, there is a moment to feel a sense of uncomfortableness. Modeling artists Tokyo University of the Arts,Crafts Department of metal engraving graduation



Satomi Ito

 I have an image in my mind that had inspired my woek.
That is, the memory of the place where I used to play when I was a child.
 If I close my eyes, I can still see the floating grass floating on the surface
of the water and the water plants awaying along the flow of the river.
 In every piece that I create with my hands, I recreate the essence of this
scene while remembering 
this cherished place that I keep deep in my heart.       

Studied under UNNO Eriko
2015 Japan Italy Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition –DIALOGHI-
2015 Cheongju International Craft Biennale(Korea)
2014 La vie quotidienne et les objets d’art (France)
2013 Cheongju International Craft Biennale(Korea)
2012 Metal Element Four Countries(Korea)
2010 JJA Jewellery Award 2010-Merit Award
2006 Craft Competition in TAKAOKA- Judge Prize
2005 JJA Jewellery Award 2005-  Excellence Award
Hana Okuzawa 

I'd like to capture the beauty that is often overlooked in everyday life. 
It's already surrounded by a lot of beautiful worlds now.
With that in mind I'd like to exhibit that in my work. 
This time I want you to experience the profound metal characteristics in the
color and the variations in the world.

1992 Born in Mie,Japan
2016 B.A. Department of Craft, Metal Carving, Tokyo National University of
           Fine Arts and Music
2016 now Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo, Metalwork Studio
Eriko Unno

Most of the ideas of my works are inspired by the mysterious life forms in the
nature. These works also got inspiration from the organic life forms that have
been selected the shape for the purpose of connecting their lives to the next
generation. In order to express those images, not only of the entire form but
also the texture of the surface is an important element for my piece. 
Therefore, seeking out the appropriate texture is a significant process of my 
works. At the time, I try to find a technique that is completely different from 
jewelry making, these pieces are also using the technique of tie-dyeing which 
is one of the textile-dyeing technique. I hope that you will be able to imagine 
some of the plants from which the organic shapes are expressed in resin and 

2015 JJDA / AGC Collaborate Exhibition-DIALOGHI-  
2014 JJDA Member’s Exhibition  (Paris)
2013 The 1th Seoul International Jewelry Art Fair (Seoul)
      Cheongju International Craft Exhibition(Cheongju)  
2012 Japan Jewelry Art Exhibition  
2011 Taipei World Design EXPO  
      Solo Exhibition –Symbiotic- (HCMC)
2009 Armory Art Center JJDA Members Exhibition(Florida)
2006 Metal Element Beyond(Seoul)
2005 Artists From Asia(Delaware)
2005,2007,2009,2013,2015 ITAMI International Craft Competition 
1989 JJA Jewelry Contest JJA President Prize
Japan Jewelry Designers Association
Japan Craft Design Association
Seiko Kajiura

Seiko Kajiura was born in Tokyo. 
M.A. degree at the Tokyo University of the Arts. She studied metal casting and 
sculpture in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, supported by Pola Art Foundation and the 
Agency for Cultural Affairs. After back to Japan, she founded Hakuvint Casting, 
her workshop in 2013. She says‘’ The process of metal casing to create figure 
such as the moment of the story is like a life.‘’ She loves music, music often 
bring her inspiration for art.
Kana Sakuma

I am fascinated with the flash motion of fish,
Scales sparkling  when the fish waves its body,
Fins flying in water as tracing the body movement,

Passion to express the momentary  beauty and vitality of fish, 
Facing my desire to shape my passion brought this crafted fish.
It's my own answer.

July  8,1992/Chiba, Japan
2013  Design Festa Vol. 37
2014  GAKUTEN 2014
2015  Ginza Modern Art "ARTISTS'CAFE Vol. 13"
2015  Seikadou "The Ima-Kara Mame-Sara metalworks exhibition2015"
2016 The National Art Center,Tokyo "Asia Creative Art Exhibition 2016"
             Spiral Garden "Musashino Art University Graduation Works 2015"
Riko Shimizu

“drawinga brooch”
I groped after a graphical three-dimensional expression.
It's simple and delicate.This is the jewelry you become frankly.It's simple and 

1992 Born in Kangawa
2016 Graduated Tokyo University of the Arts,majoring in Crafts
2016 Tokyo University of the Arts,Master of Metal Cerving
Kanako Watanabe

By communicating with materials sincerely, we can understand their hidden 

I always talk to the materials as “friends” (= the meaning of  “ASOBIGUSA”), 
listen to them as they respond to me, and give them a hand to grant their wish.

My artwork, a series of jewelry, freely represents the concealed "softness" of 
the metal and their spontaneous movement, through the original "cutting"

1990         Nagoya, Japan
2016-4~  Tokyo university of the Arts: MA, Metal Carving
2016-3     Tokyo University of the Arts: BA, Crafts
Misa Hirata

By using the technique of hammering , it is difficult to express in other material , 
was aimed at airy form that does not feel the force of gravity to the bottom . 
Also book by bringing to the height of the person to design the opening of the 
piece eyes is found to be void , I want to create a form , such as transmitted to 
the person who saw the appeal of the metal of the material characteristics and 
hammering I think we created .

Born at 1,993.5 Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture 
2012.4 Tama Art Crafts Department of admission 
2016.3 Tama Art Craft graduated from the Department of 
2016.4 Tama Art University graduate school admission



I will help my son and a lot of people when was painful painful, I got a life force
and passion.
Them to try and imperceptibly born guy When you try to form, it swallowed
me open your mouth.

1992 Born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan
2013 Become a single mother of twins
2016 Tama Art University Crafts Department of pottery Graduated
2016 Tama Art University Crafts Department of pottery Graduated Exhibition
Kazuma Shimomura

“Form for the color of flame”
I began making ceramic work in my boyhood. At the beginning ,my motive is the
form I imagined, I made. Gradually, I attracted by the beautiful change by firing.
Today, I investigate harmony between the beauty and my expression.
Recently, I investigate “Hiiro” (the color of flame). It is a kind of traditional
beauty of ceramic, orange color developed by flame of wood kiln without graze
or pigment. It is just the color of flame and the line of flame. In this work, I
imagined if the color developed on manufactured forms, and selected some
forms by my sense of beauty for the frame. Wood kiln gives me various beauty
even same form in same time. I try to find firing beauty, and hope to share the
delight with you!
I love  kiln

2010  Graduated Kyoto City Dohda Senior High School of Arts
2015  Graduated Kyoto City University of Arts
             Attending Kyoto City University of Arts Master course
Solo exhibition
2016  Gallery Haku (Osaka)
2013  Kyoto Students Ceramic Exhibition (ex-Rissei elementary school /Kyoto)
             Next Generation Crafts Exhibition (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art)
2014  Unuseable Vessel Exhibition (Gallery Kitanozaka / Kobe)
             Form of Ceramic Exhibition vol.11 (Gallery Kitanozaka / Kobe)
             Urn Exhibition (Gallery Kitanozaka / Kobe)
             Kyoto Students Ceramic Exhibition (ex-Rissei elementary school /Kyoto)
              Exhibition on the Concrete Wall (Gallery Kitanozaka / Kobe)
2015   Form of Ceramic Exhibition vol.12 (Gallery Kitanozaka / Kobe)
Ruri Takahashi
“Messages from the memory”
Dreams are hallucinations seen during a shallow sleep. Dreams are based on 
information that is received through vision and that is why we have the 
expression of "see a dream". 
Some dreams are funny, some dreams are scary, some are memories from 
the past. Dreams show us different worlds. There is one dream that is very 
different from others. The dream is so shallow that you are not sure whether 
you are awake or asleep. It is a dream that your brain sees right when you 
are about to fall asleep. This dream is nothing like fun and you do not even 
know what it presents. It is like an image seen through a kaleidoscope, it has 
no shape.
It is kind of scary. I did not like the dream. I would see it when I was tired, sick, 
or when I could not fall asleep. Every time I saw this dream I tried to wake up 
and open my eyes.
I could not describe the dream and that made me frustrated. Then I realized 
that, instead of trying to describe the dream by words, I should express it by 
creating it with my hands. Gradually I became more and more interested in the 
dream and it started to influence my work.
Little by little, swirling, the shape started to change. Increasingly every day, 
the dream reshaped my art. I would like to make people sense the world of the 
strange dream.

Born in Tokyo, currently residing in Saitama.
Ceramic Arts major in Tama Art University (April 2008- March 2012)
Previous Exhibitions:
February 2010, Group Exhibition/Mawarimichi (Shimokita Art Space Gallery)
September 2011, Group Exhibition/Tamabiyaki (Ginza Aigarou)
March 2012, Graduation Exhibition 2012/Moto (Aoyama Spiral Garden)
Akiko Matsuda 

“Hand made Hand”
The craftwork brings us closer together.
The initial interest grows into something else; no longer a user, you are now in
need of expressing something.
You now see how beauty and utility can combine into something new and 

One object can possess the possibility to change a person's life,habits , 
thoughts , behavior.
This will be an ongoing process; the object will gradually meld itself into the 
'' user '' over time.

Born in 1991 in Kanagawa.
Started making works with painting , calligraphy , music and ceramics since 
After graduating Tama Art university( major in ceramic ), she had had her 
works presented  in exhibitions in Tokyo, London and NY.
Sayuri Arakawa

Molecules and atoms have lived through the change in environment and history. 
Those small particles experiences chemical reactions with our cells in our body 
and let us encounter with new findings. Materials are the most important 
elements in creating my art.
2013 Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, 
Sculpture Major
Group Exhibitions
2009 Tama Art Competition 2009 (Kaminoge)
2010 The 46th Kanagawa Art Exhibition (Yokohama) 
2011 one’s scape exhibition (Hachioji)
2012 The Circle Exhibition-Boston (Boston, USA) 
2013 Tama Art University Graduation Exhibition 2013 Hitehito (Omotesando) 
2013 NTT DOCOMO d Creater’s Gallery (Daikanyama)
2013 sound&art Exhibition(Yokohama)
2013 Pepper's Project Exhibition LOVE THE MATERIALⅩⅣ(Ginza)
2014 Presentation ~totaliteunite~(Setagaya)
2015 Presentation ~totaliteunite~(Nakano)
2009 Tama Art Competition2009, Voting Award from none student 
2010 Tama Art University PBL Fissler Wok Project – Fissler Special Award 
2010 Kanagawa Art Exhibition 2010 Award 
2011 The 24th Osamitsu Yamada Scholar, Osamitsu Yamada Scholarship 
2013-2014 Tama Art University Graduation Artwork displayed at CMTEL 
Hiro Masuda

Hiro Masuda produces mainly pottery and porcelain, focusing on objects based 
on the theme of "life"

1993 born in Osaka.
2016 Graduated from Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design, 
Musasino Art University.
Mako Murata

“cat-and-mouse game”
whatever someone says about my works I always try to create what I really
wanna express , and that is my policy I believe.

1993 Born in Osaka.
Shogo Nunoshita

 My research theme is "Formation and Decoration with Ceramics and  Lacquer". 
My work is a combination of porcelain and lacquer bringing the two materials 
together. I think that the beauty of the lacquer surface, highlights the feeling 
of the texture of the soil that is contained in pottery. At the same time, the 
contrast with porcelain highlights the beauty of the lacquer surface.
1990 Born in Hiroshima
2016 Tokyo University of the Arts Doctoral Candidate for Ceramics

2013 The 52th JAPAN CRAFT EXHIBITION Incentive Award
2014 TALENTE2014(Germany/Munchen)
2015 The 54th JAPAN CRAFT EXHIBITION Student Prize


Megumi Kagami

hello it is Megumi Kagami working as a glass molding writer.
Display partic ipation by the pepper project becomes the third time.
It is the subject matter that the glass is attractive and feels affection.
I am expressed with glass A soft color is smart and using feel of material 
consisting of the surface processing,a feeling of weight ,presence,
produces the work which charm of the glass which oneself feels reaches.
I am glad if i have you have you see it toward most this time and enjoy it.

TamaUniversity of Arts industrial arts subject glass specialty graduation
Just writer activity
From 16 to 23 on June A private exhibition is held in gallery SPACE K 
Mafune Gonjo

Nothing in this world can last forever, everything is changeable and fleeting. 
The sense of pain lurks in every lovely thing. It is not easy to understand 
even ourselves and we struggle in ambiguity. 
While walking from nowhere to nowhere, it always gives me energy and relief 
to meet with something new and nostalgic at the same time. It can be a 
landscape, ruins and old weathered buildings or a work of art. Through my art, 
I aim to create a space in which viewers experience this feeling-encountering 
something in between memory, afterimage, the unknown and the future. 

Mafune Gonjo was born 1984 in Japan. She moved to Sweden 2008 and 
took a Master Degree at Konstfack (College of Arts, Crafts and Design) in 
Stockholm. After one year of project program at the Royal University of Fine 
Art 2010-2011, she started working as a freelance artist.
 Mafune is based in Stockholm, exhibits and works in different cities all over 
the world; Stockholm, Paris, London and main cities in Japan and USA. She 
has a collection in the National Museum of Stockholm and the Museum of 
American Glass in New Jersey, USA.
Momoko Ikarashi

The natural shape that thin glass has been transformed by heat is attractive.
 I'd like to find new beauty of the material of glass.

1993   Born in Niigata,Japan
2016   Graduated from Musashino Art University Department of 
Industrial,Interior and Craft Design, Glass Course
Aine Miyoshi

When I was a little girl, I started out in my life looking up to my mother, 
the copperplate engraver. Her art work was very attractive and lifelike 
and made viewers happy. Enjoying her works, I wished I could creat lovely 
masterpieces like hers. Then, I decided to enter an art university, craft 
department glass course.
 I remember that I had an experience blowing glass at trial class in glass 
atelier in my childhood. I saw my molten glass inflatting into a bubble 
with my breath. I enjoyed so much looking at such a moment. Some 
other techniques to manipulate molten glass also made me excited. It 
looked like the glass was living. I think this is the positive point of glass 
art. This childhood memory leads me to think glass art would help me to 
express my emotion. 
The moment of inflatting molten glass into a bubble looks like a living 
creature. In my opinion, such a molten glass living creature can be saved 
even if it is cooled glass. I was wondering how could I show people that 
glass looks alive. Then, I came up with creating my art work in the motif 
of animals. It would help me to make more animated creation. I always 
feel excited to make my art pieces. I also hope I can make someone happy 
from now on too like my mother did.
Natsuki Katsukawa

“Specimen of shape”
I use the organic look of glass material, in order to express grotesque and 
strange living thing.  Motif of my work is protest, fungi, plants, insects, et 
cetera, primitive living thing than mankind.  Their ecology was made to 
feel the life force and biological diversity to me.  I want to express those 
in my works.
1991 Born in Osaka, Japan
2016 to current
DFA Tokyo University of Arts, majors in Glass
MFA Tokyo University of Arts, majors in Glass
TA Tokyo University of Arts, majors in Glass
BFA Kinki University Faculty of Literature, Arts and Cultural Studies, Glass 
arts seminar
Ai Sudou

I love birds. And love it; blew, and wanted to produce it using technique of the 
I played the from that swelled out only by the bird and paid attention to the 
technique that I blew up of the glass and I was particular about from and 
produced it.

I graduate from Joshibi University of Art Design
Department of Design and Crafts
Concentration in Glass. 
Fuko Kan

“Et cetra concering the prayer”
Raising a certain scenery,all which I felt in one’s memory.
The work that puts the wish that it was similar to prayer.

1992 Born in Ehime,Japan
2017 Expect to graduate with a major in grass at Tama Art University
2013 Entered Tama Art University department of craft,Tokyo,Japan
2016 “Tamatebako” in Naike Park 
2015 Design Festa vol.41 in Tokyo bigsite
           “tryangle” in Tama Art University
Rina Yasuda

I made these works to express the sea slug's unique and bright colors 
which are way beyond our imagination; and the beauty of the delicate 
lines of the gills as a feminine lace.

2012 Graduated from Joshibi High School of Art and Design
2012 Entered Joshibi University of Art and Design 
Started to make works inspired by sea slugs
2016 Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design 
Minami Saito

“bulging color”
This blown glass was formed in the shape in which you can see the flow or 
gradation of colors mare beautifully and attractively.
By making it a fogged glass after shaping, the surface of the glass doesn’t 
reflect and the light is slightly transparent.
And so the line of the shaved edge accentuates the colors effectively.

March, 2016 Master of Fine Arts in Crafts Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan
March, 2014 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Crafts Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan


Kugo Eguchi

Tapestry like the block woven by 10-color yarn.
I made a rule by using a three diminutional woven structure to the color scheme 
which can't unify an impression of this Tapestry.
Thereby, depict the possibility of dialogue with "a closed book".

1990 Born in Tokyo.
2014 Graduated Tama Art University, Department of Product and Textile Design, 
Textile Design Course.
Research Associate of Yokohama College of Art and Design, Craft Design Lab
Mao Kurihara

“ the circulation of thinking”
I'm looking for the reason why I'm living now.  

2011 April-2013March Joshibi University of Art and design, 
department of Fine arts concentration in oil painting, Kanagawa, Japan 
2013 April-2016 March Joshibi University of Art and design, 
department of Design and Craft concentration in Textile weaving ,Kanagawa, Japan 
Marie Imanaka

“infinity ocean”
When I was doing textile work,I noticed that there are good,difficulty and joy in
mechanical work and handwork each other.
Color mix can form and by chance in the wool, braided the quirky yarn,
I felt the fun of yarn and fiber to dynamic freely .
I'm thinking the charm of a textile that smiw in the infinity ocean can be 
expressed by the technique 
which can be made only me.

Born in 1988  From Saitama.
2012 Graduated Tama Art University department of textile design.
In the same year, I belonged to an embroidery process in a knit apparel maker 
of Yamagata.
I'm interested in work specialized in embroidery and I'm work now in the 
embroidery maker in Gunma.
I'm challenging the manufacturing with which a texture expression by felting 
and technique of a knit and embroidery were combined.
Chihiro Oto

“flower pieces”
I expressed in the textile the "emotional luxury" by stitching and embroidery

After I graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, and go on fashion design
major at Kanazawa College of art. And I did a proposal and construction of
contemporary jewelry brand made with original textiles as a research theme.
Now I design patterns of the lace for the lingerie.
Ayumi Nakajima

 The threads gather little by little and become flower.

Tama Art University Product Design Department of Textile Design Graduated
2012 PEPPER'S PROJECT [OTHER PAINTING] group exhibition
          (pepper's Gallery)
2012 PEPPER'S PROJECT  Extension program [J_ART 2nd]
2013  PEPPER'S PROJECT [Draw Ⅻ] Tow Persons exhibition
          (pepper's Gallery)

Mysterious creatures are gathered

born in 1989  
oshibi University of Art and Design graduation
Masaru Hirozane


2013  Musashino Art University  Craft Design Textile Grade 3


Mitsumi Irahara

URUSHI is cured with a certain temperature , the humidity , the three conditions
 of oxygen .
I feel the mystical strength to this sap , which has been used from the time of 
the Jomon .
URUSHI sap is the so-called blood .
This scab is , heal the human mind .

1972 Born in Kanagawa 
2005 Silver Prize ,The Ishikawa International Urushi Exhibition
1999 M.F.A.,Tokyo University of the Arts
Mikari Kaito

I am making a three-dimensional modeling using the curve. Japan is, show
us a variety of facial expressions depending on how sharpener how piled how
 Gloss and its pattern of lacquer is very suits to my modeling.
 Japan is often considered as the paint on the wood. However, my work is 
not painted japan in wood. First, I created a prototype with water clay, make 
a plaster mold on the basis of it. And I will make the work repeatedly painted 
japan on the plaster mold.

1994  Born in Nara Prefecture.
2013  Matriculation to Crafts Department,Faculty of Fine Arts,Kyoto City 
           University of Arts
2014  KYO NO TANABATA (Horikawa promenade / Kyoto)
2015  KURATEN (Oe storehouse / Kyoto)


Yumi Iwamoto

Wood sculpture artist
With a wooden sculpture,I express the universality of the toy.

2011.  Tokyo/Tama Art University Graduate school art graduate course
 I express art by a wooden sculpture mainly.
Yurika Ishiyama

“Calligraphy bag”   “Practice”
My interest is itself in the "man" center.
Something in which I show an interest is how did one exist in the flow in time, 
and what was experienced and spent.
The memory, history, something to think and surround oneself and the 
A work is "keepsake" and is important "branching" for me.
I make the close landscape of the daily life, the spirit state of that case and 
surrounded air reflected as art.
That's the memory through which I lived, and the meaning to make the role 
as the witness and the exhibit make is here.
I think it's the try to find an existence value and a raison d'etre in concerning 
with society through a work as the person who aims at art.
The production is funny and sincere modestly. Work production is also study 
as a life is study.

1992 Born in Tochigi,Japan
2011 Graduated from Sakusin high school of Art and Design
2015 Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design 
2016 Currently Master’s Degree Program at Joshibi University of Art and 


Hiroto Utsunomiya

To veil or to disclose your nakedness.
Any creature wears a double face, 
which are two sides of the same coin.
Such a outlook on the world lies hidden in the work.
Riko Taniwaki

"MIMÉTISME" is the series of the leather bag that featured delighting the visual
sensation of people, is not shackled with functionality.
After seeing this beauty of the three-dimensional molding, it makes you get the 
urge to touch it by hand accidentally.
And I pursued beauty of a color gradation by the hand dyeing.
We always imitate something  while existing.
We always follow someone or something, renew ourselves.
Anyone wants more beautiful things.
From such a thought, I featured the insects that wish for being more beauty by 
dint of fluttering as a butterfly.

Born on April 26, 1991
From Tokushima, Japan and grew up in Chiba
I always make a work with gentleness, and I hope to my works will be people's one 
and only.
I am registered at Tokyo Unibersity of the Arts, Design department, the master's 
course, Product Design Studio now.


Ruuna Iwasaki  

Metal and clay make my works.   I try to be a happy circumstances creator with 
them.I hope you will enjoy! 

Born in Tokyo, Japan.
2010 Graduated from Tama Art University, Ceramic, Glass, and Metal Works Major 
           (Pepper’s Gallery Ginza)
2012 ART CROSS PROJECT “About Ginza Hint-Forest” at FRED&PERRY 

It is with paper clay and resin clay or makes a usable animal.
It is varied from a big thing to a small thing.
I smile and make an animal for daily life.

Suzuki Dobutsuen-mae Sayaka Suzuki. 
1988/7/13 From Kanagawa-ken. 
2010/10 Suzuki Dobutsuen-mae starts. 
* Exhibition 
2015/3 At Jiyugaoka, Suzuki Dobutsuen-mae. 
-The-/ Jiyugaoka mitubati which will bring various birds there
2015/4 Animal festival /DESIN FESTA GALLERY HARAKUKU where 
Suzuki Dobutsuen-mae and sugihara yuri exhibition spring. 
2015/7 Life exhibition /gallery bobbin which makes it growing and arranges. 
2015/8 zen display/Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum 
2016/1 Cat exhibition 5/DESIN FESTA GALLERY. 
2016/2 Bravo show as much as living/MIREYA gallery. LOVE exhibition 
/Lusso cafe harajuku Cat display of my home/katakana


Yukari Seya

A stone rolls in the river. In a flow to be able to never go against, the stone rolls. 
By the wye, while clashing with other stone, and being hurt, and curling up, and 
being broken; before long to the sea. In that time, I think like totally one life.

From Kanagawa for 1994 years. JOSHIBI UNIVERSITY OF  ART AND DESIGN 
College of Art and Design is a graduate for 2016 years.


Takayuki Miki

“iPS parts~lung”
In the course of sending the daily life, or feel the fear unexpectedly, there is a 
moment to feel a sense of uncomfortableness.
It is also the development and high-speed technology too, I think that's the
kind of discomfort that occurs from the analog nature of the human beings 
that do not keep up with the speed of the change.
And, at the moment when the mismatch of such inexplicable sensation occurs, 
you may feel the mysterious presence behind them.
I, such, embody the presence to be generated from human emotions and ideas, 
and have been expressing by the three-dimensional modeling a part of human 
body and the mysterious creature as a motif.

1982   Yamanashi Prefecture, was born
2008   Tokyo University of the Arts,Crafts Department of metal engraving 
2010   Tokyo University of the Arts, Master's Degree of metal engraving